When a boss says they got rich through hard work, ask them whose hard work. Do they work sixteen hours a day stamping iron and painting enamel? Because you do. Do they have to have to fight men and women who should be brothers and sisters when someone stirs up ethnic hatred for their own benefit? Because you do.

Sure, somebody’s getting rich–that’s the American way. But it sure as hell isn’t you, and they’ve rigged it so you work like animals and still end up in debt to them. And that, my friends, is un-American. And un-Godly. And just plain wrong.

But we–you and me and a lot of other angry hard-working people–are going to stop them. We will shut down the Tipford Works, and we won’t move until a few things get sorted out. We’re striking, and the whole world is going to hear about it.

Starting with those hard-working bosses.